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Symbol Design

The project first began as an assignment in the first year of Graphic Design, and as a project that allowed me to get more interested in design itself. The main theme was to research the given reference from mythology or media, then hand draw a symbol based on the name and history of the reference, then to recreate it onto Adobe Illustrator. As well, there are two symbol versions to be created: a black and white symbol, and a symbol in two colours.

My symbol subject I was given was Cujo, the St. Bernard that went rabid in one of Stephen King’s bestselling novels. The design depicts the head of a snarling dog, similar to the St. Bernard, with blood dripping from below the ears and head of the dog to represent how Cujo murdered people in the story. The main colour of the symbol is brown to represent the colour of the breed itself, with the secondary colour being a dark red for the eyes, teeth, and blood to represent aggression, as well as to show he was blood soaked.

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