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Double Exposure Photoshoot

This is a personal project that I recently completed to not only use and explore Photoshop more, but to slightly challenge myself by using the Double Exposure effect in different creative ways. The Double Exposure effect is a photographic technique that allows the user to overlay and combine a photo of a person with another image, like a city or forest, to create a single image. Using photos of myself from a photoshoot I participated in and multiple different stock images, I used Photoshop to utilize the Double Exposure effect for. each image with a stock image.

Although I created nine Photoshopped images with each having a different second image and gradient theme, I decided to showcase six of my interesting Double Exposure images that I have fun creating. Each effect not only has a different stock image blended, but depending on the image, there’s also a different gradient to overlay, creating a colour theme to match the image.

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