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Custom Pepsi Logo Ideas

There was a challenge called The Weekly Warm-Up on Dribbble, which gave a topic or theme and the main goal for the whole week is to flex your design skills and design something interesting following the theme. The theme began on March 31, 2023, and the topic was to try to redesign the Pepsi Logo in the designer’s own style. I decided to partake in the Weekly Warm-Up, challenging myself to design something as a personal project.


The inspiration for the custom Pepsi logo was to design the logo that not only fit the modern look of the Pepsi logo, but showed an example of previous Pepsi-Cola logos being used for a vintage feeling. I designed two custom Pepsi logos each with their own different font, but also in a black border and a white border for different uses. They also have a slight paper texture overlaid over the logos, as to showcase more of the classic feeling of paper on a glass bottle.

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