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Campaign Branding

This project allows us to create a campaign based on a predetermined list of clients: PlayStation, Bayshore, Toronto Raptors, Goodlife Fitness, or Camp Fortune. I decided to choose Playstation, a brand that appeals to the younger generation, as well as viewers interested in futuristic items. This was one of the interesting projects that allowed me to get into branding itself.

Choosing one of the pre-determined clients, the designer must create a unique campaign based on the brand itself. The designer must research the client, and create a campaign based around the brand itself. It also must have several different sizes for different medias, such as web banners, a bus sign, and ads.

I decided to create a fantasy-based ad based around the idea of your Playstation as a kingdom. It highlights the idea of you doing whatever you want with your Playstation. The fantasy ads are backed up with chess pieces as a metaphor to the design.

Campaign Branding Redone

This is the redo version of the Campaign Branding that was recreated and rebranded after the completion of the original product. Instead of having flat ads, the ads are now video commercials. The theme and the lines are the same, but are repurposed and changed for the new ads, such as changing font and making it more geared to the Playstation 5.

Have you ever done a project where you have thought of an idea that's excellent on paper, but the final execution was terrible? This is what this project is about; choosing an old project and repurposing it into something new and innovative.

I decided to repurpose the ads so that they are similar to commercial ads. As well, I decided to repurpose the ads so that they are more animated and lively instead of flat and depressing.