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Campaign Branding

One of the earliest projects that I’ve done in Graphic Design, as well as being one of the projects that got me interested in focusing on branding, advertising, and marketing. The original design began in 2019 as a project of my third semester of Graphic Design, until I decided to update it and rebrand it in 2021 as a personal project. What I did was I had to create a campaign from a choice of different brands, so I chose the company PlayStation and designed an idea for a campaign brand for the company.

My idea for the theme was based around using chess pieces and giving them meaning and power, as by researching past campaigns, most modern PlayStation ads are marketed to give a feeling of power for people, such as showing famous game titles, or showing people what you can do with a Playstation. The king, rook, and knight were created in 3D for the update instead of using a flat image. Each chess piece was used for three different ads, each with their own animation and headline.

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