Project Information

AR T-Shirts 

The AR T-Shirts, or the Augmented Reality T-Shirts, is a passion project that I've created in my final year of Graphic Design. Augmented Reality is a new technology that is unexplored and new, so I wanted to explore the features of Augmented Reality and how it functioned. This project is an example of using Augmented Reality to create a product that everyone can use.

This is a passion project that I created in my last year of Graphic Design. The main goal is to create a piece of artwork, then attach it on a piece of material, such as a t-shirt or a coffee mug. When scanning a QR Code or the artwork itself, the artwork animated on your phone screen. I wanted to create 5 t-shirts with a pun-based design for each of them that animates when scanned with your phone. The 6 puns are: Skele-Pun, Hamburgaler, Spoiled Milk, The Penne is mightier than the Spaghetti, The North Remembers, and Four!