What can I do for you?

Hello there. I am a Designer that specializes in Branding and Motion Graphics. My skillset is also in advertising and marketing. If you're looking for something, I am the designer you are looking for, so let's have a chat.



Able to rebrand a previous company logo, or create a logo from scratch.


Motion based videos or animations just for fun, or for a promo or commercial.


Helping advertise companies or creating advertisements in a unique way.


Brainstorming and creating marketing ideas (fictional and real) for the company.

The Designer Behind The Website

To whoever is reading this, hello there.

My name is Veraj Patel and I am a Graphic Designer. Living in Perth, Ontario, I went into Design Studies at Algonquin College, in order to further improve my knowledge and skills, as well as become a better designer and artist. I then became interested in designing and decided to work as a Graphic Designer.

I like to focus on Branding and Motion Pieces, as well as learn about advertising and marketing. I am a capable designer that is able to adapt to the problem if needed. If there’s a project you wish for me to help you with, or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.